Monday, July 8, 2013

Hmmm... Should I?

So I have been pondering lately if I should make a YouTube Channel. I do not know if I should because I feel I am still not at the professional level yet. I still have a lot to learn and the way I learn is by other beauty YouTube gurus. I really do want to start my own channel but I am scared that I will not get a lot of views or subscribers. I really want to do it because like I said in my profile, I want to show others my work and I want others to try and recreate my looks. I want to be that one person that impacts the lives of others.

I really want to make a mini career out of this but I am not sure if I should start with a channel. My little sister was the one who gave me the idea, I have thought about it but I'm still debating if I should make one. I want to be like Macbarbie07. Obviously I do not want to copy her, I just want to be as successful as her and I want others to come to me when they want their makeup done for a special event. Basically I am just venting because I am debating if I should make a channel. I need help and I want others opinion. I just want to put my work out there so others can see, I want to be that person people can look up too, like I do to other beauty gurus. I do not know, should I?

I know this post is small, but I really needed to vent. So please help me out and tell me what you think, should I make a YouTube Channel?

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Life Blog Post #2

So this is my second blog website. I am still currently trying to figure out how to work Blogspot. Anyways in this blog I will be posting different things about my life that will include pictures and hopefully some videos.

I just graduated from high school this year in June 2013! Yes, I am officially a high school graduate. To be completely honest, everything went by so fast, it does not feel like I graduated. I already started college. I started the monday after I graduated, I know I am crazy for doing that but I am actually glad because that means I get a head start. College so far is going pretty well and I am glad that it is better than high school but I am not gonna lie, I will miss high school.

High school for me was a drag because  I did not like it. I would always hang out with my older sister but then she graduated so then I was on my own. My senior year though I made a group of friends. I am so glad I met these girls because they made my senior year fun. Yes, it sucks that I met my senior year because that did not give me enough time to get really close to them. Although I am close to them, by the time I met them, each one already knew each other very well and they already had their best friends made.

I have a best friend that I met my freshmen year. She is the sweetest and she is hilarious to hang out with. Although my freshmen year all the way to my junior year it was just us two, I actually liked it that way. We finally met the group of girls that we really bonded with. Everything happens for a reason right? Well I think this reason was for me and my best friend to finally have a group of girls we can call friends.

There was drama but we never let it get to us. There be problems that will occur between friends, especially if they are females, its bound to happen. Just always remember that if you all are real TRUE friends, little problems will not break that. I think I have typed enough about my thoughts on my high school/graduation experience and friendship. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

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